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crushing semimovel lll lll bsm

Fruit-juice-extracting machine

s. 1925 s sheets-shed 1 J l lll ll l llllllllll ll l /1 Il lll. and means to first movel the retaining bars to position in front of the.

Pressing device for belt loop material

The operation-is completely automatic and'can be performed with only semi-. 9 is a sectional view showing the means that may he usedt'o movelthe.

Cloning and functional characterization of a novel human CC .

(1996) Nkenee'yte' chermmeetactic prei6'in 4 (NICP-4). NI.. Baggieolini. NI, a nmovel structural and funmctionmal anaheguc of NI(P-3 and .

Automatic shutoff valve

a check valve being associated therewith for preventing the liquid illl . spring 21 win meneame movel to its initial Dosicompressedair and the .

Variable-delivery pump for hydraulic transmission systems.

the cranks A B Wlll be altered in phase one to another, and whereas . when a certain point is reached in the downward movel of sufficiently .

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Emergency lighting fixture

Schwenkler, Chicago, lll., assigner to Patent License Corporation, Chicago,.movel the other of the ends of said switch arm into fixed protruding .

Method of and apparatus for making automobile doors

I I Il l l (Illl/ ffy l2 Sheets-Sheet 9 Filed May l, 1928 May .lVith the panel thus positioned, the upper die 1s caused to movel .

Corn-husking machine

1, 3 and 4, connected by means of slats 40 which, when thedevice is in operation, will movel downwardly past the snapping roll 5,' and said .

Automatic push-button recording-scale.

. Fig. 3 is a section on the line lll-HI of Fig. l but partly . manually operative means to movel the sheet longitndinallv and laterally .


is a part oi tlie niachine showing ineens for limiting tlie movel 'the.lll, and then when the key 52L is Withdrawn and n regular or type key.

Connecting and switching device

Thus, the rods can'movel freely with the minimum of friction inboth ..rdlll, while others will abut against unperforated sections of the card .

Railway hopper construction

the door plates and long slide` rails4 will movel along the inturned. .plate lll and abut plate S9, thereby sealing the closing edge of the .

Lid-closing device for boxes

hinged lid, of an arm-like lll'itflbll a i! said lid, n link pivoted at one end to the box and uunnccled for pivotal and Slldlllg movel In.

Electropneumatic swell-pedal action for pipe-organs.

without regard to the speed or vdirection of movel closing, etc., has .lll'. Pnzzmrr. by aearessng the Commissioner of Patents. "1 9 .


but that when the outer internal cani ring 33 is rotated the cam face thereon will movel inwardly the plate 32 which will cause the split ring 31 .

Ln President Chllllngworlh called i taxallou . jrmovel of small iron building from the :.crushing blowto In Their New-Store ,Opposite .

Traverse-mechanism gearing.

and a rotatable screw cap associated with each nut to movel rality of adjustable nuts one carried in each l nut box, screw caps to adjust and .

Bottle forming machine

Above the horizontal ears 11 is a flange "lllhe drum 15 has an in. - ment into combined vertical and lateral movel ment' of the blow head,.
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